my grandpa

my grandpa always had his violin beside his chair

not a day went by without him picking it up

I can hear him playing anytime I want

because it is recorded on my heart

My strength flows to me and

through me from him

He was gentle and strong

loving and kind

he was also old school with a hard line

He was ice cream and puppies

and bike riding and boating

and Santa and craftsmanship

He was music and Irish

and proud of it

He had a big red tool chest with the top drawer full of dimes he collected

a few years ago I started finding dimes on my path, everyday, not one or two

but enough to notice

when my path was difficult

I’ve been finding them again

thanks grandpa, hope it means I’m going the right way

love you always



spirit rock

the Canadian Shield…the oldest exposed rock in the world,right from the beginnings of our planet,it is a blessing to be able to sit here,the stone is worn from the water and warm from the sun,you can feel the energy here.

It is such a gift to be here,lying down,face to the sky,both hands resting on the rock,letting go and soaking up the earth’s own strength,

gratitude filled,

namastePicture 8297