my grandpa

my grandpa always had his violin beside his chair

not a day went by without him picking it up

I can hear him playing anytime I want

because it is recorded on my heart

My strength flows to me and

through me from him

He was gentle and strong

loving and kind

he was also old school with a hard line

He was ice cream and puppies

and bike riding and boating

and Santa and craftsmanship

He was music and Irish

and proud of it

He had a big red tool chest with the top drawer full of dimes he collected

a few years ago I started finding dimes on my path, everyday, not one or two

but enough to notice

when my path was difficult

I’ve been finding them again

thanks grandpa, hope it means I’m going the right way

love you always



healing jouney

…been walking down the same  dusty old road so long my shoes have worn out.

i’m hot,tired and in need of a soul cleaning and some self care

When i first started out i only carried ‘light’, peace,,wonder

i seemed to have picked up some heavy darkness,resentment,fear,anger

Funny thing is that most of it belonged to other people.

…well,i am putting it all down now,just can’t carry it anymore3 7875

and as i keep on walking,my steps are lighter

my spirit brighter

the journey is my healing

embrace yourself

“I have no need to be average or normal.
I surrender to the need to fit into the expectations of others at the expense of my own evolution. I joyfully celebrate my loss of normalcy.. and claim my authenticity.. sanity and health.” ~ Donny Epstein


i love this quote and as i am aging it becomes more and more true,there is a kind of freedom that comes with age,an acknowledgement that there is only this moment so grab life and fall in love with yourself,you are amazing 3 1663

faded memories

faded memories turn to pastel dreams,

walking down the paths of my childhood’s imagination

mysterious places held sacred in the remembering…

be careful where to step,there are dark corners and spaces here

where shadowy ghosts lurk

but time loosens their grip and i move forward in hope and joy

falling crazy happy in love with the world again

i can honor my spirit3 298