my grandpa

my grandpa always had his violin beside his chair

not a day went by without him picking it up

I can hear him playing anytime I want

because it is recorded on my heart

My strength flows to me and

through me from him

He was gentle and strong

loving and kind

he was also old school with a hard line

He was ice cream and puppies

and bike riding and boating

and Santa and craftsmanship

He was music and Irish

and proud of it

He had a big red tool chest with the top drawer full of dimes he collected

a few years ago I started finding dimes on my path, everyday, not one or two

but enough to notice

when my path was difficult

I’ve been finding them again

thanks grandpa, hope it means I’m going the right way

love you always



medicine wheel turning to the west…

walking in the forest today,smells of earth in the air,dew still on the plants,geese flying over head,i am blessed.047plant medicine growing, saw sage… going to seed, i collected some







milk thistle..


wild mint










my walk through this past season has been so difficult, but here we are, in our one most beautiful life to be lived,

i shall never let the actions of others define me,

i shall always walk in light and love,

love cannot diminish or fade away,

keep looking up, you’ll find it, metta


missing fixit and lou…

the wind rushed through her

sweeping away her grief

‘What was the point!?”   ,she screamed into the black void


the point?

a great love is to be given

not to be kept.


it’s okay.


they will be safe

they will be happy

they will be loved

Just let go..


i am trying

please God,     i really need help on this one

love you fixit and lucy forever, always in my heart


puppy memories…

…and so,two most beloved dogs,fixit and lucy, entered my life,they taught me so much about life and love and forgiveness

i miss them so badly,my heart is gone,it is with them

i treasure all our shared memories

and i really miss the memories we will not be able to share

i want to be with them when they are lonely or scared

joy filled and crazy

i want to be with them when they get old and need someone to carry them and help them

and i can’t

and my heart is broken

all i can do is send them my love everynight in their dreams…baby fixitbaby-lucy

spirit growing…

honor all life’s lessons,for it is not what is done to you that counts,

it is how your spirit responds that matters

remember that people do the best they can at the time,

“until they know better” (Maya Angelou)

stay gentle

stay loving

stay kind

be forgiving

for we will all need forgiving too

metta to all



life with lucy

…our lucy has always been a bit ditzy,classic border collie,she’s forever herding us up. “though she is little,she is fierce”

Lucy’s greatest joy in life (besides bossing us, her dog pack) is playing with her ball. She has literally knocked herself out cold running into a tree while keeping an eye on the ball. But aside from the occasional concussion,the ball mostly keeps Lucy safe. Left to her own devices she loves to roll in anything dead,stinky or gross. The other day when we were out in the forest she did her stop,drop and roll…unfortunately the item rolled in was full of wasps. That poor sweet baby had them tangled in her hair and we were fighting to get them out and they were fighting to sting her,which they did numerous times. Thankfully there was no severe reaction,but a really hurting girl. I love this dog infinitely3 6794