tree of life

i have sat with the morning’s dawn,greeting the sundancers as they filed into the circle

steam rose from the warm washcloths i handed to each dancer,it was an honor to be of service in this holy space

every thought,every action was a prayer

a prayer of thanksgiving

a prayer for strength

a prayer for all peoples

in the circle’s center stood the tree of life

four days…four nights

the people’s love of the earth and all others demonstrated again and again

i was blessed by the tree of life and my spirit flew3 1638


healing jouney

…been walking down the same  dusty old road so long my shoes have worn out.

i’m hot,tired and in need of a soul cleaning and some self care

When i first started out i only carried ‘light’, peace,,wonder

i seemed to have picked up some heavy darkness,resentment,fear,anger

Funny thing is that most of it belonged to other people.

…well,i am putting it all down now,just can’t carry it anymore3 7875

and as i keep on walking,my steps are lighter

my spirit brighter

the journey is my healing