on writing….

why do you write

,do you write because you have no other choice?do you write because you have too?

do you write because if you didn’t you would not breathe?why do you write?

do you write to paint with words and make ideas new?do you write to try and see new ways of looking at old things?

do you write because the human spirit is so vast and endless you try to understand small bits of it?

do you write to heal,teach,learn,laugh,?l  why do you write??why do you


medicine wheel turning to the west…

walking in the forest today,smells of earth in the air,dew still on the plants,geese flying over head,i am blessed.047plant medicine growing, saw sage… going to seed, i collected some







milk thistle..


wild mint










my walk through this past season has been so difficult, but here we are, in our one most beautiful life to be lived,

i shall never let the actions of others define me,

i shall always walk in light and love,

love cannot diminish or fade away,

keep looking up, you’ll find it, metta


missing fixit and lou…

the wind rushed through her

sweeping away her grief

‘What was the point!?”   ,she screamed into the black void


the point?

a great love is to be given

not to be kept.


it’s okay.


they will be safe

they will be happy

they will be loved

Just let go..


i am trying

please God,     i really need help on this one

love you fixit and lucy forever, always in my heart


puppy memories…

…and so,two most beloved dogs,fixit and lucy, entered my life,they taught me so much about life and love and forgiveness

i miss them so badly,my heart is gone,it is with them

i treasure all our shared memories

and i really miss the memories we will not be able to share

i want to be with them when they are lonely or scared

joy filled and crazy

i want to be with them when they get old and need someone to carry them and help them

and i can’t

and my heart is broken

all i can do is send them my love everynight in their dreams…baby fixitbaby-lucy

spirit growing…

honor all life’s lessons,for it is not what is done to you that counts,

it is how your spirit responds that matters

remember that people do the best they can at the time,

“until they know better” (Maya Angelou)

stay gentle

stay loving

stay kind

be forgiving

for we will all need forgiving too

metta to all



tree of life

i have sat with the morning’s dawn,greeting the sundancers as they filed into the circle

steam rose from the warm washcloths i handed to each dancer,it was an honor to be of service in this holy space

every thought,every action was a prayer

a prayer of thanksgiving

a prayer for strength

a prayer for all peoples

in the circle’s center stood the tree of life

four days…four nights

the people’s love of the earth and all others demonstrated again and again

i was blessed by the tree of life and my spirit flew3 1638