a new chapter…

​​​there was no stopping her and I sure tried…a dear friend gifted me with a puppy on my birthday. I was and always will grieve for my fixit and Lucy so it was so hard to accept little Luna,but she is her own fierce loving soul and I fall in love with her more everyday. Every moment I spent with fixit and Lucy I lived and loved intensely,my babies they will always be and now this little one will walk my path with me. We both will grow and learn a lot from each other


Life lesson #16

We are all born with an infinite ,boundless capacity for love. When we give pieces of our hearts to those we love those spaces are never filled again,but our hearts don’t diminish,they only change for we carry pieces of those hearts that love us. We are a constantly changing tapestry. 

The pieces of my heart that I have given are where they are meant to be,where they are needed to root and grow,just as the love I carry from so many comfort me and shine out to others.

This is one level where we are all connected. Two special loving spirits carry pieces of my heart,I grieve for them everyday. All they taught me shines through and I know I carry their hearts as well. 

I will always try to live up to that by practicing their lessons of unconditional love,joy and patience.

Love you always fixit and Lou 



The gift

About 9 years ago I was given a gift, it was so beautiful,  wrapped in love and a big old bow of hope,promises and joy. I didn’t open it, just put it on the window sill so I could admire it everyday

A year and a half ago I took it down and started poking at it and shaking it,  and finally opened it, the box was full of darkness. I couldn’t believe it, all year I searched it, wave after wave of darkness, funny thing as I went through this , on the physical side of my journey I began to lose my vision, I am now blind in one eye with limited vision in my other.  Finally down in the bottom of the box, in the darkestS 

  corner I found something.  I pulled it out into the light and there it shone, a teaching… Do not let ego, fear  or doubt trip you up on your heart’a path. Trust  what makes you happy

When I listen I can hear that little voice telling me to have faith

My eye operation is in December, the doctor said there are no guarantees but it can’t get worse

As for the pretty wrapped box … I threw it out yesterday



all of our moments, past, present, future all collide here in this one point of ‘now’. I m still searching for that precarious balance,trying not to fall off because it is right here,right now that our lives are lived

and right here, right now we can choose to see life as beautiful


my grandpa

my grandpa always had his violin beside his chair

not a day went by without him picking it up

I can hear him playing anytime I want

because it is recorded on my heart

My strength flows to me and

through me from him

He was gentle and strong

loving and kind

he was also old school with a hard line

He was ice cream and puppies

and bike riding and boating

and Santa and craftsmanship

He was music and Irish

and proud of it

He had a big red tool chest with the top drawer full of dimes he collected

a few years ago I started finding dimes on my path, everyday, not one or two

but enough to notice

when my path was difficult

I’ve been finding them again

thanks grandpa, hope it means I’m going the right way

love you always


on writing….

why do you write

,do you write because you have no other choice?do you write because you have too?

do you write because if you didn’t you would not breathe?why do you write?

do you write to paint with words and make ideas new?do you write to try and see new ways of looking at old things?

do you write because the human spirit is so vast and endless you try to understand small bits of it?

do you write to heal,teach,learn,laugh,?l  why do you write??why do you