letter to my grandmother…

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my grandma’s name is Rose,her favorite flower

i wrote this almost three years ago,and since i’ve been thinking of her so much lately i want to post this,

     Hi grandma, I sure miss you, tomorrow is your birthday. I am so thankful i was able to see you last year at this time. No matter how long I was gone, one hour, one day, one year, when you saw me you would always say my name with such love and welcome invitation it was a hug. Even though your earthly presence is no longer here you live on in all of us, your children , grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I miss you grandma, it is still too hard to think about you, I am overwhelmed by grief and I cannot breathe. You were my touchstone where I could draw strength, love and roots.

You were my mother, my friend, my teacher, my advisor, my protector, my biggest fan.  The one who sewed me pretty plaid skirts with suspenders and made me sit still while you home permed my hair again and again.

I am your granddaughter, your student, your puppy that followed you everywhere, probably a pain in the ass and one of your biggest fans.


Most of all you are my grandma the most important role of all, I can still hear you whistling and every now and then I get a hint of Emeraude perfume and I know you are still close by. Your wisdom and lessons will echo down through those of us that you left behind, love always leslie



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