1000 butterflies in my chest

take this off me!   NO!  please!! NO!! so he pulled it off himself....

take this off me! NO! please!! NO!! so he pulled it off himself…. and yes,alarms did go off,probably not the most ‘patient’ patient they’ve ever had.

on the third day after his triple bypass,an orderly came by to take Vinnie down for x-rays and other tests. He wasn’t feeling so great that day, he said it felt like there were a thousand butterflies in his chest, and once in the elevator,he (kind of jokingly) asked the orderly if she knew how to use the defibrillator with him. Of course not she replied,,then as if in a bad movie,the elevator stopped,stuck between floors Vinnie had a heart attack, the very last thing i thought would ever happen again. the orderly with him was so scared, he said she kept yelling  ‘I don’t need this!!  He was wearing a remote ‘telemetry’ so the nurses on the floor knew he was in cardiac arrest. By the time the elevator doors opened there was a team of medical help waiting, he said they started  working on him immediately,and after it was all said and done,the surgeon said that there is a 50/50 chance of something happening on the third day,which it did.

but what kind of luck is that? to be stuck in the elevator,having a heart attack after triple bypass surgery?

He’s okay now,but i made him pick lottery numbers for me,hahaha!


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