life lessons from stray cat

one winter i noticed a stray cat hanging around, a siamese cat, tiny little thing, she was walking like her legs had been broken or something had happened to her back. She wouldn’t come near me, i started talking to her and leaving food out. She was feral, i could not persuade her at all to trust me. It was really getting cold, in Manitoba winters are usually quite hard.

I put a box out for her, lined with blankets and watched, she started using the box at night, soooo

in all of our wisdom,one night when it was too cold for anything, vince and i went out and snuck up on the box, closed the lid and brought it in the house, i  thought it was empty, no movement, nothing

we opened it up, stray cat jumped out and we never saw her again for almost 3 weeks,i know that sounds crazy, i’m sure our dogs and 2 other cats knew,but we never saw her until

one day when vince was looking for her i came downstairs to find stray cat sitting quietly behind him watching as he dug through cupboards to find her.She had such a hard time showing love, love and fear walked hand in hand for her

she would purr and rub against you, then attack, you never knew when it was coming, you just knew it was.Things went from bad to worse, we had to wear shoes or boots inside ,gloves, always, you just never knew, and then

stray cat had babies,

the sweetest fluffiest balls of puff i have ever seen, 4 kittens, one died, and stray cat fiercely guarded and protected her children.

They were never able to grow as kittens do, they weren’t allowed to leave the ‘area’ she put them in, and she was constantly moving them. She became so full of fear we had to lock them up in the basement, it was a nightmare going down to feed them and check on them,  she did let you pet and hold them sometimes but not for long.

So we found a siamese rescue shelter, they said they dealt with feral cats all the time, we did warn them about her behavior, but were brushed off, when we phoned to check on her and the babies we were told one woman was in the hospital after stray cat had attacked her,

i kinda wished we had just kept her. she was so fierce in her endeavors, and finally with the kittens she had love and she had a safe place to bestow her love.

and isn’t that what we all do? we move through fear or love


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