life’s reality

and so after months,actually a few years,( since Vinnie’s first heart attack) the doctor agreed to give him an angiogram. No one wanted to believe him when he said he could feel his ‘stent’ blocking up. I have never met anyone so in tune with his body. So now he is waiting for the surgeon ,he’s having a triple by pass,while he is happy he has finally gotten help,life is certainly more intense. Nothing has changed, he still feels like he did last week and the week before, but now what he believed has been confirmed, it is more real.  At this point in our lives every moment is a miracle, every moment confirms that you are alive, experiencing this  reality that we’ve all created. It can be a  blessing to have your life contrasted by the knowledge that death walks beside you, you begin to see with new eyes, the true nature of  life is hidden behind our illusions,and you begin to look farther, and deeper inside.,

see the sacred

feel the sacred

hear it calling your  name…you just have to remember,namaste 


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