tomorrow will be my grandmother’s birthday, this is the second one without her, i was blessed to visit her the night before she passed away, so tiny,so fragile,so sacred…i could almost see our creator’s light shining around her. Her hair was so wispy and white,she did not open her eyes,but when i told her i was there and slipped my hand under the blanket to hold hers,she grabbed on so tightly and didn’t let go, she tried to talk to me but it was so hard for her, i said it was alright,that i remembered everything she had ever taught me,and i knew she loved me like no other,i knelt by her bedside and put my head beside her and we stayed together for awhile,the next day was her birthday,and then she was gone…my mother,my mentor,my friend,my biggest fan,i love you grandma,not a day goes by that i don’t miss you.

for my grandma


2 responses to “grandmothers

  1. Beautiful and heart warming!
    Love the rose!
    My Grandmother was always a big part of my life, I can always feel their presence, if I am busy and not paying attention … I will catch the scent of roses and take a moment to acknowledge her.

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