its not always about dog tales…we have cats too

off we went to the country to pick up two adorable teeny tiny black cats, one boy and one girl. Vinnie, i said, we shouldn’t get a boy and a girl,but we did. Boy cat and Girl cat, not so original but apt. .. and so they grew, Boy cat bigger and bigger and bigger, he was the most glorious huge beast i’ve ever seen, my familiar. he was a character and one day he just never came back, we both cried for him, seems though that , as cats do, he left his sister pregnant, hmmm… enter ms. kitten, i think Boy cat visits us through her at times. Girl cat and ms. kitten took a trip to the vet’s to be fixed, that night when all the animals were sleeping ms. kitten escaped the vet’s cage and somehow got into her mom’s cage, and there they were in the morning when the vet’s nurse went to get them, curled up together, they said they had never seen it before.


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