soulful wanderings

wild Ontario

most of my childhood was spent wandering through the wilderness of Ontario, enchanted forests of magical imaginings,trees that changed to forts and castles,rocky thrones and wispy fragments of dreams drifting in the winds…i was an introvert and still am,i renew my spiritual energy alone in nature, i am still trying to remember my soul’s song so i can sing with confidence and abandon among the trees…we are leaving the city to live in the country,i think this will be so wonderful for us all, vinnie,myself, fixit,lucy,the two cats and the two birds…must brush up on ‘herbs’,gardening and such.


One response to “soulful wanderings

  1. I too as a child was free to wander the fields and forests. My trust in nature and her truths come from those times when life was simple… breathe, explore, listen and watch. Thanks for taking me back to that time.

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