baby fixit,baby lucy

3 months into this blog i am finally going to the beginning of my life with vinnie. Vinnie is a cancer survivor, the cancer left him with type 1 diabetes and all of its lovely complications, Vinnie is a heart attack survivor, over and over again…with a complete lifestyle change came a most welcome new member to our family, fixit, we found fixit at an abandoned puppy mill, his mom is a saluki and his dad is a golden retriever, he is a sweet gentle soul with a very important job, to fix vinnie’s heart, which is how he got his name ‘fixit’. He was such a silly, loosey goosey puppy, we never wanted him to be lonely when we were working so we adopted a sister for him. Lucy(a.k.a. neurotic border collie) came to live with us and i am madly in love with both of them. They are the best teachers of love that i have ever been blessed with, i am thankful to share my life with them…


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